The Untold Histories as Perceived Through the Horse’s Tear

Vernissage: Thursday 16 June, 19h00
With the upcoming expo of Jordan Herregraven, HOK goes deep underground. Freely combining various mediums such as sculpture, etching, total installation and writing, the artist offers us a symbolic as well as a psychological transformation of everything ‘normal’, prompting the constant questioning of life and death, dream and reality, the cultural and the individual. Is it a peaceful dream which the artist brings to life? Or is it one of the saddest nightmares you ever had? Weaving his surrealistically labyrinth web, Jordan takes us away from reality anyhow. Is this surrealism? Or is this some kind of sorcery, mingling all the ingredients from myth, folktale, religion, and ceremony to a tremendous mind boggling poison?
Come to HOK and step out of reality…