G.J. de Rook’s Alphabet Book

Alphabet Book by G.J. de Rook
Friday 20 May, 7 PM

Exploring the limitless possibilities of Concrete Poetry, the Low Countries’ very own Concrete Poet Laureate, G.J. de Rook, comes up with a highly idiosyncratic alphabet. Literally, for the first time in history, each letter of the alphabet gets its natural, inimitable pictural expression. At once universal and strictly limited to the person of G.J. de Rook.

Not only that, but this new, never to be erased again alphabet is right away put to poetical use. Which are the words of wisdom that G.J. de Rook conveys to the pages of this beautifully executed booklet? This is for the reader to decipher. And it is also up to the reader to follow G.J. de Rook’s lead, and create his own individual alphabet in the mold of this Alphabet Book. To each his own Alphabet Book. To each his own alphabet. It was the Dutch alphabet G.J. started with, followed now by the English version.


Alphabet Book by G.J. de Rook
Limited edition of 52
Riso printed & published by Stencilwerck, SE #05

The presentation of this new booklet will be in HOK on Friday the 20th at 7 PM, with a performance by the author.

The exposition, running this weekend only, highlights G.J. de Rook’s entire alphabet from A to Z, photographed by Bertus Gerssen.