Harold de Bree

15-2 / 10-3 2019: SSIXS by Harold de Bree (mixed media)

Sieben… Zwei… Drei… Sechs… Sechs

What’s happening at HOK Gallery? Has the DDR’s secret spying service
reopened its headquarters at HOK Gallery?

No, it’s Harold de Bree turning up in HOK Gallery, Home or Contemporary Underground, with a brand new collection of works, thematically centered indeed on spying and military information exchange systems. After having his mock soldiers marching the Biennale in Venice, and having a life-size submarine emerge in the pond of the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, Harold de Bree now continues the happy marriage between militarism
and art in HOK Gallery with a spying feast, titled after the Submarine / Satellite Information Exchange System: SSIXS. Along with the expo HOK publishes a limited edition booklet, which has an interview with Harold de Bree and risographed reproductions of his works.

Link to artist page: click here