Art’s 1000058th Birthday

Dear friend and fellow art-exchange lover,

HOK Gallery invites you to celebrate Art’s 1,000,058th birthday with us on Sunday 17 January. From 2021 onward HOK is the wandering underground art platform in the Netherlands, and we will kick off by launching an international chain of art-exchange. Forget about the digital way, let’s do it old-school. True to the spirit of Fluxus mail-art, just send in a piece of art – by postal mail, that is – and HOK will send it through to another participating artist. In return you also will get a piece of art, from who knows who and who knows where, on behalf of HOK delivered to you by the mailman. Give something, get something, birthday-wise. For resending these pieces of art, HOK will make use of a handcrafted Riso envelope, especially designed by Fluxus artist Bob Lens. Thus, we will bring honour and homage to the French originator in a paper hat, Robert Filliou, who first celebrated Art’s birthday 58 years ago, by throwing a dry sponge into a bucket of water.

So, please send your birthday present to:

HOK Gallery
PO Box 1000
Box number A9284
2260 BA Leidschendam
The Netherlands

Feel free to send in absolutely anything you like. The only requirement is that your piece of art, signed with your name on the back, should fit into an A4 envelope (21 x 29,7 cm; 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 inch). And of course, don’t forget to give us your address on a separate slip of paper, to get your own birthday present.

And, oh yeah, Sunday night 17 January from 11 PM, Art’s birthday will be celebrated at Radio Tonka. This radio show will feature some historical sound recordings never broadcasted before. Presented by Bob Lens. So, tune in and keep your ears glued to the radio set. Tune in on FM 92.0.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to receiving your creative little present by 17 January at the latest.

Thanks a lot.
Happy birthday.
Love, Angela