Art’s 1000058th Birthday – Mail Art Carousel

Art’s 1.000.058th Birthday – Mail Art Carousel

Artwork by Lydia Mojzis (DE)

A lockdown does not freeze art motion. HOK’s project to celebrate art’s 1.000.058th birthday on the 17th of January has resulted in a true carousel of mail art. A post on the Vancouver world celebration of Art’s website, a two-hour Fluxus show on the Dutch radio, and a string of messages on social media, has not gone unnoticed. Art poured in from all over the world. Some 50 works of art from all over the world arrived at HOK’s tiny PO Box. From Serbia to the United States, from Sweden to the United Kingdom. And all these works were forwarded by HOK to other artists. Give a present, get a present, birthday-wise. And that in a specially designed envelope by Dutch FLUXUS artist Bob Lens, Riso-printed by Stencilwerck and with an HOK postal stamp designed by HOK’s artist in residence Lula Valletta. A work of art in itself as a gift for everyone who participated. The Radio Tonka Fluxus show can be listened to here. And the complete chain of mail art is to be gazed at here: