Gaye Black

DOLLS AND BONES, a solo exhibition by GAYE BLACK
28-02-2020 – 02-05-2020

As the bass player of the Adverts, when her name was Gaye Advert, she was the girl’s face of English punkdom. Two of their songs summarize exactly what it was all about in those days: Bored Teenagers and One Chord Wonders. As an artist, Gaye Black has remained faithful to the DIY mentality. She organizes punk art exhibitions in London and now presents her very own defiant brand of art in HOK, full of death symbolism. Brexit notwithstanding, Gaye Black was present at the vernissage of her HOK expo Dolls and Bones, last Friday the 28th of February. There she met up with Dutch Punk Professor Leonor Faber-Jonker, who presented an in-depth paper on her teenage idol: Life in the Bell-Jar.

The Bell-Jars are just one of the devices put to use by Gaye, to capture and present to the public’s and Gary Gilmore’s eyes shreds and bits of her own highly personal past. There are the collages, assemblages, broken necklaces, rosaries, Motörhead pins and there’s the fearsome mirror on the wall. The dolls from your innocent childhood are put into contrast with the bones that have always been there right beneath the surface. True to her punk credentials, Gaye Black has come to break up what’s always to be rearranged. Punk has come to HOK and it has come to stay.
In celebration of Gaye Black’s Dolls and Bones exhibition, HOK published a limited edition fanzine that features artwork by Gaye Black and an essay by Leonor Faber-Jonker. The booklet is Riso printed by Stencilwerck in an edition of 50. Available in our webshop.

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