Lula Valletta

1 June – 11 August: Purgatorio by Lula Valletta (collages)

So now it’s Round One in HOK Gallery: Lula Valletta’s Purgatorio. Entering the ring: Dante in the white corner. And Jerry Lee Lewis in the black corner.

HOK gallery has held an exclusive interview with Lula Valletta about her displayed work. You can find this interview in the special booklet that comes with the exposition, or read it here!

The Works



About Lula Valletta

Lula Valletta is a collagist who recently changed base from Berlin to The Hague.

She is the editor of Prophit Artzine and as a curator, she has collaborated, among other exhibitions, at the 2017 and 2018 editions of Graukunst, the art exhibition going with the acclaimed Grauzone music festival.

Lula Valetta participated in, and in some cases curated, a number of collagist exhibitions in Berlin.

In 2017 she collaborated with underdog poet Mr. Pelham for an exhibion of a series of risographed collages under the banner of Arpsianism in the Grafische Werkplaats in The Hague.

Specimina of her collage art are published in a series of risographed booklets.

But time is pressing. So for more information please consult Lula Valletta’s own website: