Jip Piet – Vieze Gluiperds

Vieze Gluiperds (‘Dirty Sneaks’) by Jip Piet
Friday the 14th till Saturday the 29th of August.

In the spirit of 19th Century criminologists, seeking to determine the physiognomy of the ‘born criminal’, all-round Rotterdam artist and illustrator Jip Piet made a series of fountain pen drawings, spitting black ink onto white paper. Portraits of archetypal creeps, sloths, mean hypocrites, and bastards. Politicians, pop stars, dictators, and other A-list celebrities: no mercy. And there a lot of them. So many that HOK will literally be covered by them for the last couple of weeks in August. Baddest of them all must be Lydia Lunch for sure. Her black bob hair, the mean look in her eyes, and a mouth just always spreading the F-word (‘fuck’). But next to a mass murderer an aimable pussy. And why the hell should Lee Perry be here? Jip’s portraits, which previously graced Paradiso’s outside walls, are instantly recognizable, but all with a touch of disgust. And there’s these dirty scratches all over their faces, like a leftover from a nasty contamination. The drawings are all made in the Corona period. Is that why? Or is it the natural-born creep just as he is?

Book available through Stencilwerck Editions

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