POP UP: Den Haag Illustreert


A YEAR IN RISO is a pop-up exhibition initiated by STENCILWERCK at HOK Gallery.

Rik Buter's March contribution
There's twelve illustrators in HOK Gallery, and twelve months in a year. So, what better idea
than for each of the artists to make a piece of risographed art, inspired by her or his own
favourite month of the year?
Thus, Zeloot represents the month of January by a bunch of long-tailed, exitedly inter-licking
and interlinking figurines. Equally lecherous are SOGO's animals in the month of May.
November's loneliness is exquisitely put into picture by Melle de Boer. The riso machine itself
is featured in Rik Buter's March contribution.

Twelve The Hague based illustrators in HOK Gallery.
Vernissage: Friday 11 January 2019, 18:00-22:00.
The expo will be opened at 19:00 by Peter Bos, city ​​councilor. There
will be ‘Hague’ beer and Haagsche Hopjes.
Exhibition running from Friday 11 January 2019 until Saturday 9
February 2019.
In January and February, HOK Gallery gives the floor to The Hague's
finest riso printer Stencilwerck, who in turn gives the floor to twelve of
The Hague's finest illustrative artists. Each of these twelve artists,
hand-picked by curator Lula Valletta, has contributed an original
illustrative artwork, specially designed for being made into a
risographed print. The printing is done by Bertus Gerssen of
Stencilwerck, in collaboration with some of the artists.

Link to Stencilwerck’s Facebook page: click here