9 till 24 August 2019: POP-UP: The ARPSIANIST by Arpsianism (cut-ups)

Arpsianism is an art movement collaboratively founded and perpetuated by HOK’s artist-in-residence Lula Valletta and Mr. Pelham. During the exhibition the newspaper will be launched. (more)


7 June till 4 August 2019: SKINS by Peter Zwaan

Silicone rubber, acrylic, human hair, fiberglass, the lip of a tin can: Peter Zwaan comes to HOK and these are some of the materials he takes with him. For the first time, HOK brings together the complete flora, fauna and other skin objects of the Dutch artist Peter Zwaan in one retrospective exhibition. In his work, Peter Zwaan explores the boundary between science and art, hyperrealism and abstraction, seduction and revulsion. more 

12 April till 25 May 2019: Alive on the Cutting Edge by Bob de Groof

In a series of large-size lino prints, Belgian painter, graphic artist, and ex-narcoticist Bob de Groof brings an homage to Johnny Thunders and other heroes living and dying on the cutting edge. This is Bob de Groof’s first solo exhibition in the Netherlands, and HOK Gallery is proud to stage it. more


15 February – 10 March 2019: SSIXS by Harold de Bree (mixed media)

No, it’s Harold de Bree turning up in HOK Gallery, Home or Contemporary Underground, with a brand new collection of works, thematically centered indeed on spying and military information exchange systems. more




A YEAR IN RISO is a pop-up exhibition initiated by STENCILWERCK at HOK Gallery. In January and February, HOK Gallery gives the floor to The Hague’s finest riso printer Stencilwerck, who in turn gives the floor to twelve of The Hague’s finest illustrative artists. Each of these twelve artists, hand-picked by curator Lula Valletta, has contributed an original illustrative artwork, specially designed for being made into a risographed print. The printing is done by Bertus Gerssen of Stencilwerck, in collaboration with some of the artists. more


2 November – 5 January 2019: Tower Blocks and Other Symmetries by Jah Wobble

As Jah Wobble himself puts it: “Everytime I pick up the bass it’s like it’s the first time and it’s the same when I pick up a paint brush. Both things come from a deep place somewhere and I suppose that in a way it’s childish and a bit OCD’ ish, but I don’t give a fuck. It’s my therapy – my healing. I do my paintings very fast. You need the urgency. Wham! Get it on canvas.” A splendid exposition. World Wide Primeur! more

7 September – 20 October: An Iconography of Chance: 50 Photographs of the Evanescent South by Tav Falvo (photographs)

HOK Gallery was proud to be haunted by the ghosts, specters and an ever-vanishing iconography of signs, fetishes and gestures from America’s South. Captured in black & white photographs by self-confessed outsider-looking-in, Tav Falco of the avant-garde rockabilly band Panther Burns. more


1 June – 11 August: Purgatorio by Lula Valletta (collages)

This summer you could climb to Lula Valletta’s Purgatorio. Entering the ring: Dante in the white corner and Jerry Lee Lewis in the black corner. more.
HOK gallery also held an exclusive interview with Lula Valletta about her displayed work. You can find this interview in the special booklet that comes with the exposition, or read it here!