7 September – 20 October: An Iconography of Chance: 50 Photographs of the Evanescent South by Tav Falvo (photographs)

HOK Gallery was proud to be haunted by the ghosts, specters and an ever-vanishing iconography of signs, fetishes and gestures from America’s South. Captured in black & white photographs by self-confessed outsider-looking-in, Tav Falco of the avant-garde rockabilly band Panther Burns. more


1 June – 11 August: Purgatorio by Lula Valletta (collages)

This summer you could climb to Lula Valletta’s Purgatorio. Entering the ring: Dante in the white corner and Jerry Lee Lewis in the black corner. more.
HOK gallery also held an exclusive interview with Lula Valletta about her displayed work. You can find this interview in the special booklet that comes with the exposition, or read it here!